Machine learning, applied intelligently.

We're a team of mathematically inclined technologists applying Machine Learning to accelerate our client's goals through Software Development, Big Data, and Managed Services.


Server, Web, and Mobile Application Development

We're intimately familiar with a variety of programming languages, frameworks, and modern software development best-practices, having put them to use building applications for the Web, mobile, and more.


Cloud Development, DevOps and Infrastructure Automation

Our hands-on experience building scalable, highly-available, automated infrastructures across public and private cloud environments means we're well positioned to assist with both ground-up and level-up DevOps initiatives.


Big Data Analysis, Machine Learning and Multi-Model Data Storage & Processing

We've worked with a variety of datasets — from small computationally expensive ones to Big Data — deriving useful patterns and insights from them by enlisting machine learning, relational databases, and NoSQL data storage tools best suited for the tasks at hand.

How We Can Help

Large-scale Applications

Whether you're looking to maintain, refactor, or rewrite your large application, we're here to help. We'll objectively assess and collaboratively plan, develop, and deploy your application using modern know-how. From front-end to back-end, we provide assistance choosing technologies, creating and applying development standards and styling guides, training on proper best-practices, and coding scalably right there with you.

Distributed Systems Programming

Developing distributed systems that behave correctly is a difficult task, frought with peril and unexpected consequences often encountered only after release. We'll help you confront these challenges, correctly applying the likes of the CAP Theorem and The Fallacies of Distributed Computing, all while helping you to understand the trade-off's inherent in characteristically difficult systems such as these.

Total Systems Automation

A completely automated infrastructure is the common goal pursued by DevOps and TechOps teams the world over. We'll help you close the gap through the implementation of Automated Configuration tools like Ansible, Chef, Puppet, SaltStack, CFEngine, and even custom-coded modules. If you've already started down this path, we'll help accelerate your efforts, adding our considerable expertise to the mix.

Actionable Data Insights

Have you speculated that your data contains hidden insights but lack the tools or in-house expertise to extract them? By using data-friendly ecosystems like R, Python, and others, we'll help you identify emergent patterns and latent information that you can act upon. We'll then further assist in the automation of these data mining processes for reuse in the future so you can continue to reap the benefits of your data's value again and again.

Get expert Software & Data help.

Our developers are battle-hardened professionals with Mathematics and Physics backgrounds, who've designed, built, and shipped software used by millions.

Get expert DevOps & Systems help.

Our engineers are smart data nerds who've designed, developed, and applied data solutions to genuinely difficult problems across most major sectors.