We operate at the intersection of today's most innovative, value-adding technologies

Graph & Data Analytics, NLP/U, and Modern Software Development.

Our own high-performance version of the open source graph library, NetworkX, ported to Cython.

We don't just use open source software, we actively contribute, so that we can both give back to the community at-large and provide superior solutions to our clients.


We're expert Neo4j and JanusGraph advisors, developers, and algorithm engineers.

We've used both Neo4j and JanusGraph in a variety of circumstances, deployed them in complex and powerful configurations, and worked with long-running production instances for years.


Graphs, plus Natural Language Processing equals PATTERN NLP, an industrial- strength language tool.

Built on the excellent SpaCy library, we've taken that foundation and developed a solution that takes you from NLP theory, through to the last mile. 

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Graph & Data Analytics

Graphs are a powerful concept capable of naturally representing both structured and unstructured data. When paired with complementary technologies, like Business Intelligence and IoT, their utility truly shines. Let us help you put them to use.

Natural language processing / Understanding

Natural Language Processing and Understanding (NLP/U) has greatly improved the accuracy of information extraction, summarization, and the identification of human intent among other linguistic tasks. Lets talk about what NLP/U can do to humanize your systems.

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Modern Software Development

Most software projects fail. Let us help you get on track and stay on track by augmenting your efforts with our skilled team, purpose trained in modern best practices and pragmatic development. Lets build something successful together.

Our team's primary location of operation is in and around the Boston area, but our engineers aren't limited by vicinity. We employee some of the brightest minds in our field and provide the freedom they need to do their best work. Our remote team members appreciate this benefit and we're proud to say we're a fully distributed organization.

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