What We Do

We help start-ups, enterprises, and government organizations
accelerate their efforts through innovative and cost-effective uses of technology.


Our Services

  • Software Development

    We're intimately familiar with a variety of programming languages, frameworks, and modern software development best-practices, having put them to use building Web and mobile applications, and the server systems that power them.

  • Big Data &
    Machine Learning

    We've worked with a variety of datasets — from small computationally expensive ones to Big Data — deriving useful patterns and insights from them by enlisting machine learning, relational databases, and NoSQL data storage tools best suited for the tasks at hand.

Big Data & Machine Learning

Actionable Data Insights

Is there speculation that your data contains hidden insights but lack the tools or in-house expertise to extract them? By using data-friendly ecosystems like R, Python, and others, we'll help you identify emergent patterns and latent information that you can act upon. We'll then further assist in the automation of these data mining processes for reuse in the future so you can continue to reap the benefits of your data's value again and again.

Applied (Hyper)Graph Theory

Need help processing Social Relationships, Physical Networks, Knowledge Representation or other natural graph data? We specialize in applying graph theory in both novel and tried-and-true ways through the design and implementation of custom solutions and well-known Open Source software.

Ensemble Machine Learning

Stuck on how best to apply Machine Learning techniques to your problem set? The key to unlocking the utility of Machine Learning algorithms is often found through the combined application of the algorithms themselves. We're here to assist in the preparation of training data, the choosing of specific algorithms and their arrangement, and the tuning and optimization of the entire system.

Scalable and Highly Available Distributed Databases

Outgrowing your current database solution or starting a greenfield project with strict availability requirements and the need for more predictable scalability? We're here to help you choose the right tool for the job. We've configured, deployed, and managed many of the most capable distributed databases available today — we know their pros and cons, where on the spectrum of the CAP Theorem triangle they're positioned, and the trade-off's inherent in each tool's intended usage.

Software Development

Large-scale Applications

Whether you're looking to maintain, refactor, or rewrite your large application, we're here to help. We'll objectively assess and collaboratively plan, develop, and deploy your application using modern know-how. From front-end to back-end, we provide assistance choosing technologies, creating and applying development standards and styling guides, training on proper best-practices, and coding scalably right there with you.

Distributed Systems Programming

Developing distributed systems that behave correctly is a difficult task, frought with peril and unexpected consequences often encountered only after release. We'll help you confront these challenges, correctly applying the likes of the CAP Theorem and The Fallacies of Distributed Computing, all while helping you to understand the trade-off's inherent in characteristically difficult systems such as these.

High Performance Programming

Constructing software that performs at the extremes of what's possible requies a highly specialized skill-set and an experienced eye for taking advantage of optimizations available on modern hardware. With our practiced expertise, we can help design and code (or refactor) high throughput and low latency software, enabling drastically more efficient usage of your compute resources.